The Benefits of BigCommerce: Why Strong eCommerce Brands Are Choosing This Platform

November 15th 2021
12:53:09 pm

BigCommerce is one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms on the planet. The reasons for this are numerous, as there are tons of benefits BigCommerce provides to its users.

No matter if we are talking about, its fantastic user experience, excellent customer support or something else entirely, there are tons of reasons why sellers choose BigCommerce over its competitors.

For those who are considering, looking to develop a site from scratch or even looking at, today, we will explore the many benefits of BigCommerce.

Let’s get started.

What Is BigCommerce?

Founded in 2009, was a humble one, starting out as a two-person startup that has since grown into an international force in eCommerce, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Australia.

Today, BigCommerce serves retailers the world over, with sellers in more than 120 countries and well over 5,000 apps and design partners at the disposal of its users.

As far as the benefits of BigCommerce are concerned, the perks are so various and diverse that, in just over a decade, BigCommerce has become one of the most widely used eCommerce solutions on the planet.

That said, let’s go ahead and take a look at the advantages BigCommerce bestows upon its user base.

Why Choose BigCommerce: 10 Benefits of BigCommerce

The reality of the matter is that there is a bevy of benefits that BigCommerce users receive. Therefore, narrowing the field down to the top 10 was a necessary but difficult task, lest we overwhelm readers with information.

That aside, the top 10 benefits of BigCommerce include:

1. Quick and Easy Onboarding

One of the most significant advantages to utilizing BigCommerce is that onboarding and setup are quick and easy, no matter if the seller is a technological novice or expert.

One of the big draws of BigCommerce is that it is an out-of-the-box, all-in-one eCommerce solution, minus all of the technical complexity. The platform gives sellers all of the tools and resources they need to manage the entirety of their eCommerce businesses, which is a massive plus for sellers of all sizes.

2. Professional Designs

Presenting consumers with a professional storefront is critical for.

For retailers who are just getting started in the online world (of which there are many after the events of 2020), the idea of coding can range from intimidating to overwhelming.

Thankfully, one of the benefits of BigCommerce is that the platform requires no coding skills to edit pages. Instead, sellers can simply use a drag-and-drop editor to customize their eCommerce destination.

That said, if sellers do wish to take things to the next level, they can customize their themes by accessing the site’s underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

Moreover, to get retailers started.

As far as goes, this topic is so broad that it is a benefit all on its own.

3. Customization and Functionality

Another of the more noteworthy benefits of BigCommerce is that the platform is designed to enable merchants to customize their website and tailor their on-site experience to fit their audience.

The abilities to customize BigCommerce range from templates and themes to customizable features and functionality to and beyond. Retailers can also integrate a variety of payment options into their store, which is an increasingly essential feature for capturing customers.

4. Robust SEO Features

Search engine optimization is a vital component of online success. If consumers cannot find a company through the SERPs, the chances are that they will just buy from another seller.

Therefore, is a critical task for boosting awareness and visibility, driving traffic, increasing visitors and generating more sales.

Fortunately for sellers, BigCommerce’s SEO features make the process of optimizing a website relatively simple. When retailers design their custom eCommerce website using BigCommerce, each page is generated with HTML elements and hierarchical indicators.

Similarly, product pages created on BigCommerce have baked-in microdata that takes into consideration things like brand, stock availability, pricing, product ratings and the like.

BigCommerce also touts optimized URLs, rewrites and redirects that reduce the risk of 404 errors occurring when making adjustments to a site. Moreover, the platform’s auto-populated URLs automatically adjust based on the changes sellers implement.

Where content is concerned, BigCommerce’s theme ensures that content is never duplicated by giving each page a unique URL. This is a considerable perk, given that eCommerce sites are particularly prone to.

Meanwhile, the platform’s built-in content delivery network (CDN) ensures that load times are minimized, thereby leading to greater customer satisfaction and more visibility in the SERPs.

5. Omnichannel Capabilities

Another vital element to online success in the current epoch is the ability to and develop omnichannel marketing and sales strategies.

One of the benefits of BigCommerce is that retailers can achieve this aim as the platform allows users to sell on all major platforms. Through this feature, merchants can capture buyers from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other popular social media platforms. At the same time, sellers can also integrate their store with essential marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

Additionally, if merchants have a physical retail location, they can also keep online product inventory up-to-date via.

6. Ability to Go International

The online world has enabled retailers of all sizes to access international markets, thereby allowing them to grow their business by leaps and bounds.

BigCommerce facilitates this kind of growth by allowing retailers to accept payments in more than 100 different currencies and offer localized payment methods.

Moreover, BigCommerce also supplies users with multi-language capabilities as well, thereby enabling sellers to better resonate with consumers across the world. This functionality can be unlocked by utilizing apps from or APIs for third-party translation services.

Additionally, going back to BigCommerce’s SEO functionality for a moment, it is worth knowing that the company’s content delivery network allows merchants’ stores to load quickly for consumers all over the world.

As far as fulfillment is concerned, cross-border fulfillment is possible with apps found in BigCommerce’s app store, such as.

7. Top-Notch Security Features

In the current age, digital security should be a top priority for all eCommerce retailers. With a seemingly endless of large and small companies the world over, employing top-notch security features is critical to earning consumers’ trust, thereby making them more confident in buying from a brand.

Thankfully, BigCommerce provides its users with robust security features that allow retailers and their customers to feel safe shopping on the platform.


“BigCommerce is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & PCI DSS 3.2, Level 1 certified, and stores are protected by multiple security layers like firewalls, file integrity scanners, and intrusion detection.”

In a nutshell, this means that BigCommerce has big security backing its users.

8. Built-In Marketing Tools

Naturally, marketing is critical for retailers to generate awareness, traffic and sales online.

A considerable difference between BigCommerce and some other eCommerce platforms is that many others require users to integrate third-party analytics platforms and other tools with their platform.

On BigCommerce, many marketing features are baked right into the platform.

Some of the marketing and analytics features sellers will find on BigCommerce include:

  • The ability to sell gift vouchers
  • Cart-level discounts
  • Capability to auto-generate and validate coupon codes
  • Run email marketing campaigns

Alongside these features, retailers also have access to robust analytics features that enable merchants to obtain keen business insights and make data-driven improvements to their stores based on performance benchmarks.

9. Reasonable Pricing

Something else that retailers should consider when weighing the benefits of BigCommerce is that it is an affordable solution for merchants of all sizes.

BigCommerce supplies retailers with an all-in-one eCommerce solution. Therefore, when examining, it is clear that BigCommerce is quite reasonably priced, given all that sellers get for their money.

While BigCommerce certainly isn’t the cheapest eCommerce platform on the market, there are very few instances in life where the most inexpensive option will be the best – or even a decent – choice.

As of this writing, BigCommerce provides potential users with four main solutions. Those options are the BigCommerce Standard, Plus, Pro and Enterprise pricing tiers.

Naturally, the Enterprise options are going to be geared toward larger sellers who require comprehensive, built-in tools. As a result, retailers will need to consult with the company on pricing.

As far as the other three tiers are concerned, these will be the ones from which most sellers opt to purchase. The packages range from roughly $30 per month to $270 per month and provide merchants with different features based on the plan selected.

No matter how large or small a seller’s budget is, BigCommerce has a reasonably priced solution for all potential users.

10. Around-the-Clock Customer Support

As is true of any company, excellent customer support is central to the customer experience.

Thankfully, one of the most significant benefits of BigCommerce is that the platform offers its users around-the-clock technical support. BigCommerce’s support team is composed of experts who possess a deep understanding of the platform and of eCommerce in general, meaning that they can help sellers with most all of their questions and concerns.

No matter the time of day, BigCommerce’s support team is there to help sellers work through whatever issue they might be facing, helping them get back to business faster.

Moreover, BigCommerce allows retailers to contact their support team via phone, live chat or email. Additionally, merchants can access an extensive library of guides on the platform’s dashboard, find answers in, watch instructional videos on a panoply of topics and more.

Additional Benefits of BigCommerce

As mentioned at the very beginning of the previous section, selecting the top 10 benefits that BigCommerce has to offer was no easy task, given the myriad of perks that come with the platform’s employment.

That said, there are some other critical advantages to BigCommerce that simply must be mentioned before we get to our parting words. Some of the other benefits that BigCommerce users enjoy include:

  • Mobile-optimized templates that respond to all device sizes
  • Major payment gateways such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and others are supported
  • Full CMS functionality enables users to manage their online business effectively and efficiently
  • Robust analytics features allow for website optimization based on performance-backed insights
  • Unlimited staff accounts allow for a variety of users to inhabit specific roles

Final Thoughts

As readers can see, the benefits of BigCommerce are various and far-reaching, providing retailers with just about everything they need to establish or scale an online retail business.

No matter if merchants are starting from scratch or replatforming, a tech wizard or an absolute novice, BigCommerce has a multitude of options for sellers of all sizes and abilities.

The bottom line here is that BigCommerce has ascended to becoming one of the most renowned, widely-used eCommerce platforms on the market for its wide array of features, versatility, customization options and ability to help retailers drive more awareness, visibility, traffic and sales.

However, if retailers want to make the absolute most of the benefits BigCommerce has to offer, reach out to .

Our award-winning team of eCommerce developers and designers can help your brand to maximize the potential of its BigCommerce store, optimizing the site for search, usability and conversions, all while staying true to your brand’s image and goals.