The Coming B2B Apocalypse blog post

June 9th 2021
8:41:20 pm

From 2010 to 2020 we had the retailer apocalypse. Most people heard the news about retailers closing stores left and right. Major retailers like , , and other big names went bankrupt.

I believe from 2020 to 2030 we will have the b2b Apocalpyse. What does that mean? Well, previously retail companies not doing well in eCommerce would often go out of business like Sears, Borders, Toys R Us, and other iconic retailers that did not adapt well online. I believe the next coming of this is happening in B2B but it’s much more behind the scenes.

Why This Decade?

Tools like Adobe’s Magento, BigCommerce, Salsify, and other platforms are giving B2B companies more capabilities for eCommerce than ever before. Now they are more likely to get up and running with configuration and less custom software development.

Additionally, the market is demanding online shopping for B2B buyers. Millennials and Gen X are now the main buyers. Eventually, the smarter B2B companies will figure it out and capture more market. Not to mention marketplaces will capture a lot of this market too.

Lastly, more and more manufacturers will go directly to consumers because well, why not?

So What Should You Do?

Stop acting scared…Do something and move faster to get up and running around a platform like Magento, BigCommerce or whatever you think is best for your business.

Continually invest in product data, integrations, experience, performance, and the things that make people want to buy online. Get your salespeople on board with digital and helping to grow online sales! Figure out how to sell on marketplaces too…

Stop living in the past and start moving towards keeping your company alive. Invest in an eCommerce infrastructure that fosters a great customer experience before it is too late!