The Trellis and Partnership Delivers Augmented Reality to Merchants blog post

May 23rd 2021
6:40:27 pm

Trellis Commerce and partner to answer the age-old question: What will this product look like on their kitchen counter?

Trellis Commerce, the folks behind such websites as TB12, Nest Fragrances and Bobby Flay’s Made By Nacho, and, the cutting-edge Augmented Reality service for eCommerce, are extremely pleased to announce our mutual partnership. 

Why AR? And Why in particular?

Augmented Reality is very simply about a user’s experience. Giving users the ability to pivot views of your product, to see it on your kitchen counter, to change color schemes, transcends the users experience from something otherwise transactional and mundane to something edifying, interesting and novel. We all acknowledge there is a certain magic in a retail store, where one is able to touch, feel and smell a given product; an attachment begins. AR is the closest approximation of this in-store experience! in particular, in Trellis’ opinion, provides the most universal, easiest to adopt and to scale AR offering, especially for Shopify merchants, who can leverage their incredibly easy-to-use App. 

In a few simple steps, a merchant can send product photos to in nearly any format, even right from your mobile device. Melding high technology and human expertise, their team can provide AR models of your product(s) in short order – a proof of concept if you like – ahead of moving forward with them. In short, where their competition has relatively stringent upfront requirements and high costs, universally accepts assets and has the lowest cost to implement of any company in the space, with their level of offering, and we don’t know that it’s close.

For merchants, provides several key data points that alone merit a discussion of Augmented Reality’s relevance to their online business: 

  • 72% of shoppers purchased items they didn’t plan to purchase as a result of AR.
  • 71% of shoppers would visit a store more often if they offered AR.
  • 40% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product if they experience it through AR

Trellis has already incorporated this line of technology into one of our recent digital transformations with the folks over at Fathead. The larger-than-life wall stickers can now be previewed in your living room, garage, or mancave prior to purchase. The augmented reality viewer scans your living space and places the desired player, logo, or design onto your wall digitally.

Check out the AR player for yourself and play around with the limitless possibilities. You can check out the player and view the entire .

Looking Forward

We have already have begun work together on specific projects, and intend to grow the relationship among Trellis’ existing client base, and hopefully with future clients as well. If you’d like to discuss Augmented Reality in general or our relationship with in particular, please

“ opened up an exciting new eCommerce technology to the SMB and even enterprise markets that once could not afford this AR technology. Their 3d models are affordable and anyone can easily set this up on Shopify and soon-to-be other eCommerce platforms at a fraction of the cost we have seen with other providers.” – Isaiah Bollinger, CEO at Trellis.

About Trellis

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