Visiture Launches Progressive Web Application Pro on Magento Commerce (now Adobe Commerce)

July 14th 2021
6:56:15 pm

Charleston, SC – April 21, 2021 – Today, award-winning eCommerce digital marketing agency Visiture announced Progressive Web Application (PWA) Pro on Adobe Commerce, an application strategy developed to provide users with the experience of a mobile app and the reach of traditional web. Through Visiture’s PWA Pro program, retailers have access to outstanding PWA optimization that delights and converts customers.

As mobile technology gains popularity for shopping needs in the digital world, companies must ensure their eCommerce site functions properly for mobile devices. Due to this, Visiture is redefining the online shopping experience for merchants with a unique approach to PWA development and design.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) allows businesses to build web experiences with the look and feel of native mobile apps – but delivered directly through web browser technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In turn, developers can utilize static site generators to launch highly engaging PWA storefronts, which connect to eCommerce platforms on the backend.

By pairing our award-winning team of eCommerce website developers with our advanced PWA strategies, brands can provide their customers with a fast, futuristic experience. After seven successful launches, Visiture’s PWA Pro solution has allowed clients to pursue a best-in-class application strategy by finding the best applications that fit their needs.

For Visiture’s client Allen Precision, implementing PWA Pro allowed a customized design on the frontend and the commerce management capabilities of Adobe Commerce on the backend. After employing PWA Pro, Allen Precision received a 100-speed score test from both Google and Pingdom.

“We’re seeing major disruption in the retail space as brands and manufacturers move online,” comments Visiture’s Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Ngin. “Due to this influx, there’s an increased emphasis on customer expectations. By working with Visiture’s PWA Pro program, companies can anticipate unparalleled expertise through Visiture’s proprietary technology, and ultimately deliver their customers superior online shopping experiences.”

With user experience at the forefront of today’s eCommerce landscape, merchants seeking success must prioritize speed, flexibility, and design. Through Visiture’s PWA Pro on Adobe Commerce, these best-in-class application strategies offer a frictionless checkout process, simple access across all types of devices and platforms, highly customizable user interface and design, independent frontend and backend systems, and a sleek and fast site speed for conversions.

About Visiture

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